Business References
An effective supply chain can only be cost efficient to you when we deliver on our promises. Like delivering good machined parts on time and been a low maintenance supplier. 

That is why we do not want you to run unnecessary risks. We can provide you contact information so you can contact our customers. This way you can have the reasurance of Global CNC as part of your supply chain. 

Our Business
Global CNC Corporation specializes in machining aluminum hog outs for aircraft components; we are able to machine parts of various levels of complexity. We use CATIA V5 CAD/CAM software to engineer our manufacturing processes. We also offer this engineering service to larger shops.

Our Mission Statement
"Quality machined parts on time"

Our Purpose
To become a reliable part of your supply chain, delivering the best possible combination between
Quality, Cost & Time. In short, the best value proposition to you.

Our Engineering Department
Our in-house CATIA V5 programming system allows to better control our lead time on new jobs.Highlights;
  • Experienced in the aerospace industry.
  • Ready to use Model Based Definition (MBD)
  • In-house CATIA V5 programming.

Our Employees
Our employees are very important to us, so we continually provide sufficient training so they can succeed in the work place. We also strive to hire and retain the best employees.

Our Customers
Our main customers are 1st tier suppliers to the big aerospace companies, such Boeing, Spirit, Cessna, Hondajet, etc.We support them with good machined-parts on time, professionalism and confidentiality.

Our Culture & Philosophy
  • Strive for excellence in our field, for both of our services machined-parts and engineering services.
  • Communicate issues to our customer as soon as they arise, so disruptions are avoided.
  • Seek continuous improvement opportunities in all business and manufacturing processes.
  • Be a low maintenance supplier, through self sufficiency and quality machined parts.
  • Once Quote has been accepted; 
    • Our customer to do list is; issue a purchase order and forget about the job assigned to us. 
    • Our to do list is; Machined parts to spec and deliver on time. That is why they pay us.
  • Each manufacturing project has it's own "Project Triangle"
  • Offer the best possible service, as to keep our customers profitable in their business. In turn they will come back to us full circle and ask for more of our services. 

Project Triangle

Global CNC strives for excellence in our machining and engineering services. In order to serve you better, we only focus in these two areas of the precision machining businessSo we don't try to be "All things to all customers".

At Global CNC not all projects are treated the same way, our principle is to offer the solution that will produce more benefit to your business. In short, using quality as our pivotal starting point each manufacturing project strives for the best "Project Triangle" to fit your needs. 

See more about our business philosophy under "About us" section.