Austin NC & NC G-post (Intercim) 

Post-Processor development
We partner with Austin NC and use G-post, also known as Intercim. We can assist you in setting up your programming system, using G-post and develop customized post-processors for your machines.

Our Service
Global CNC can help you with all you G-Post needs. Post-Processor project can be divided in:
  1. New Post-Processor development for new CNC equipment.
  2. Maintenance of existing Post-Processor.
  3. Improving existing Post-Processors.
  4. On-site assistance.
If you don't have G-Post license, contact us and will assist with the setup of your system. Global CNC is a Distributor Partner for Austin NC. 

We can provide business references for any of our services, so you have the piece of mind you deserve.

Our Prices
Price is linked to two variables;
  1. Number of axis and 
  2. Level of customization 
Typically price is thight together with the number of axis involved. But this could be different if for instance you need a highly customize 3-axis post-processor.

Interested in Our Service?
For a custom post-processor, contact us to review the following. 
  • Post-Processor requirements
  • CNC Machine specs
  • Tape G-code format sample (if any)
  • Time frame for implementation
 If you don't have G-Post license we can get you an evaluation Copy, contact us and we will assist you with the setup of your system.

For information and quotes
please email us at
Or give us a call
(316) 516-3400

Global CNC is a Distributor Partner for Austin NC.

NC G-Post
How does NC G-Post Processor works? In a nut-shell. G-Post processes source files from a variaty of CAM softwares, to produce customized G-code or NC file for CNC machines. See simplified diagram below.

This NC file can be customized to your specific needs through FIL Factory Interface Language.

Below images used with Austin NC permission.

Mills without Rotary Axis

4-Axis Rotary Table

4-Axis Rotary Head

5-Axis Dual Rotary Table

5-Axis Rotary Table - Rotary Head

5-Axis Dual Rotary Head or Nutator

1 Rotary - 1 Radial Axis (Live Tooling)

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