Global CNC manufactures aircraft components for the aerospace industry; we specialize in the machining of 3 and 4-axis parts. Our machining services are best suited for tier 1 and tier 2 OEM suppliers.

Global CNC price points are very competitive. Our business practices are customer-centric and designed to be flexible. This provides optimal prices for our customers. Also, employee training and good management help us provide good ROI for our customers.

See our equipment list for size capabilities.
Equipment List;               Max Work piece size (Inches)
3-Axis Fadal  8030                80 X 30
4-Axis Makino A55                20 X 20

Global CNC machining service is supported by our internal Engineering and CNC programming departments.

In House Engineering support; Tools, labor and equipment are costly, so we are cost sensitive. Our Process-Engineers are constantly looking for ways to implement lean manufacturing through process improvement projects, the use of high speed machining techniques, modular tooling and quality monitoring to stay competitive.

In House Catia V5 CNC Programming; Having experienced CNC programmers and process engineers at hand, allows us to control our cost, quality and lead times. This combination makes Global CNC a good candidate for the manufacturing of spare parts.

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Current Machining Capacity
Click on the picture below to view our current 3 axis and 4 axis open capacity;

Open Capacity Chart

Our Promise; Global CNC Corporation understands your time and resources are valuable to be wasted testing unreliable suppliers. With us you don't have to worry about this, we answer all your questions to your satisfaction before we start. Your time will be well invested. Additionally, we can provide business references for any of our services, so you have the piece of mind you deserve.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to work with you.